Geology prof interviewed about climate

Rhawn Denniston, associate professor of geology at Cornell College, was one of the scientists interviewed by Al-Jazeera America about how capping an increase in global temperature at 2 degrees Celsius might not be enough to stop major environmental problems.

Geology Professor Rhawn Denniston teaching.
Geology Professor Rhawn Denniston teaching.

Denniston, whose research focuses on ancient climate patterns, spoke about how climate change and an increase in temperature can mean more than just warmer weather.

From the article:

“The thing people need to appreciate is that a warmer world doesn’t just mean a warmer world,” said Rhawn Denniston, professor of Geology at Cornell College with a focus on paleoenvironmental records. “There might be this misconception that, ‘I can handle a couple more hot days in the summer’ … But we’re talking about changes in rainfall patterns, snow pack in the mountains.”

Denniston was one of several scientists who spoke about how the recommendations of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change might not go far enough, and are based on older assumptions.