Fields honored for engagement

Jacob Fields ’14 won the Student Leadership Award from the Iowa Campus Compact for his work with education and cancer research fundraising.

Jacob Fields ’14 is going to be part of Teach for America, working in a low-income school in Brooklyn, N.Y.
Jacob Fields ’14 was honored by the Iowa Campus Compact for his engagement.

Fields, who will teach in New York City next year, had a Teach For America Fellowship this year during which he put together a book exchange program for schools in Eastern Iowa. He also raised more than $2,000 for Relay for Life by running one mile for each dollar raised. The award from Iowa Campus Compact said:

“Cornell College Senior Jacob Fields, has been a tireless advocate for education as well as cancer research during this tenure at Cornell. This year Jacob developed a book exchange program for schools in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City as part of a fellowship with Teach for America. It was a success, and next year will live on as part of Cornell’s Civic Engagement Office. Fields was involved with the college’s Lunch Buddies program and he took part in the Iowa College AmeriCorps Program, where he performed more than 300 hours of community service this year. And for all four years at Cornell, he was involved with Relay for Life, spending his senior year as co-coordinator and running a mile for every dollar he raised for cancer research-more than 2,000 miles in all. His active citizenship will be undoubtedly be missed by his community as he graduates“