Brand argues for courage, vision in facing higher education’s problems

In an editorial published in the Huffington Post, Cornell College President Jonathan Brand argues that the conversation about higher education has lacked realistic solutions to problems such as financial aid, the increasing cost of attendance, and the value of a college degree.

In the piece, Brand writes:

The national conversation about college has to change if we are going to maintain a broad array of college and universities, and quickly, before it is too late. Absent a dramatic shift in this conversation, hundreds of smaller schools that offer exceptional opportunities on a limited budget will be squeezed out of the market—to our collective detriment. Many schools will continue to struggle to achieve their enrollment and financial goals, only accelerating a downward financial spiral that could lead to their demise. At this point, we need to be honest about our challenges and collectively courageous to make the necessary changes. We also need a media that can help explicate the complexities and differences of the many colleges and universities as well as thoughtfully advance a more constructive dialogue about the direction of higher education and its value.