ACM photo contest honorable mention

Cornell students Kailey Colestock and Hana Martin received Honorable mention in the 2013-14 Associated Colleges of the Midwest Off-Campus Study photo contest

Colestock took this photo during the Jordan: Middle East & Arabic Language Studies course in Fall 2013.

“A man paused to enjoy the view at an over look at the top of a peak near the Monastery in Petra. The signs leading up to the spot called it ‘The view of the end of the world’ and ‘Top of the world.'” Kailey Colestock ’14

"The Edge of the World." Photo by Kailey Colestock
“The Edge of the World.” Photo by Kailey Colestock

Martin took this photo during the Mexico Summer Program: Service Learning & Language Immersion course during Summer 2013.

“Visiting the ruins of Teotihucán, the students in my program learned many interesting facts about the maguey plant. We learned that it secretes and ferments sap into an alcoholic beverage known as pulque, a ritual drink consumed by Mayans and Aztecs. We also learned that the layers of the maguey plant can be peeled away to be used as paper. Our diverse group of students – those from the U.S., Canada, and Jamaica – came together to learn of the diverse uses of the maguey plant – writing on its paper and drinking its pulque.” Hana Martin ’16.

"The Manifold Maguey." Picture by Hana Martin
“The Manifold Maguey.” Photo by Hana Martin