Deep Abiding: Six-week Meditation/Interior Prayer Program

Spiritual wisdom traditions speak of our need for inward surrender and cultivating an awareness which—like an antenna or little radio dial inside us, sensitizes and tunes us in to the deep abiding presence, healing action and energies of the divine coursing through us and all creation. To practice shifting from over-identification with anxious thoughts and feelings to a more inwardly relinquished, attuned alignment with the unbounded indwelling Spirit of the universe as one’s Deepest Truest Self.

The result is not only inner peace and strength, well being, and a more skillful relationship with fear, but a more spacious, courageous, compassionate life stance which alters the way we perceive and relate to self, others, our problems, G-d, and the world. This program seeks to cultivate such attunement so we can perceive, pray, live, lead, and work as an open channel through which G-d’s energies and love flow for the healing peace and wholeness of self, others, community, and earth.


For details and registration, visit the Deep Abiding page on the chaplain’s website. Program begins in February (first week in Lent). Led by college chaplain Catherine Quehl-Engel as part of a doctoral research project in spirituality, this program is free and open to all student, faculty, staff, and community members.