Students and organizations honored by NRHH

National Residency Hall Honorary has selected the “Of-The-Block” award winners for Block 3.

They are:

Student Winner: Jennifer Morin for her outstanding job stage managing for the Culture Show. Her nominator said, “Without her, the show would not have been able to run as smooth as it did and I would argue that without her, the show would not have gone on….Her dedication and time commitment was inspiring. She skipped meals, lost sleep, and still managed to not only give full devotion to Eyes of the World, but her class and other club commitments as well. She did it all with a smile, making everyone around her less stressed. Without her, Culture Show would not have been so successful.”

Organization Winner: Beta Psi Eta for their March of Dimes fundraiser and participation in the culture show. Their nominator said, “I think this new group has shown its purpose to the campus and the community. I know that they have been working hard to make a statement to the Cornell community that they are different from the rest of the groups I know.”

Program Winner: Culture Show for its entertaining education of the Cornell community and the hard work put into the program by all of its participants. Its nomination read, “Students in the culture show had to pay so much effort and time in practicing while they were busy with their studies. Culture Show not only gives the guests knowledge about the traditions from different regions of the world, but also entertains the people…”

If you think someone deserves to be recognized, nominate them by following this link: