Tahllee Baynard ’97, 2012 Young Alumni Achievement Award

Tahllee Baynard, your work as a scientist, researcher, and educator is being recognized today by Cornell’s Alumni Association, which elected you as the Young Alumni Achievement Award winner for 2012.

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Tahllee Baynard '97
Tahllee Baynard ’97 and Cornell President Jonathan Brand.

Since you graduated magna cum laude with degrees in chemistry and history in 1997, you have set about making your mark in the world of applied science, as well as working to promote the importance of STEM education —science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Most recently your work was recognized when you were named the 2012 Scientist of the Year by Black Engineer and Information Technology magazine. The award drew from your entire career, but most especially from your work with Lockheed Martin, where you were recently promoted to Research Science Manager at the Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center in Stanford, California. At Lockheed your work has helped keep soldiers and civilians alike safe, particularly your research into developing laser radar systems to detect biohazards from long distances.

Beyond your work, you recognize the importance of education. You served on the Peak to Peak K-12 Charter School Board of Directors in Lafayette, Colorado, appeared in a material science episode for a children’s television show on PBS, and exposed middle school and high school students to real world science through your outreach activities.  You also worked with and mentored two students, who are now pursuing science and engineering degrees.

Your commitment to the Hilltop has been unwavering. You and your wife, Kanesha Lee Baynard ’94 have recruited five students to come to Cornell.

Tahllee, your scientific work and your community service showcase your dedication to the values espoused in a liberal arts education. On behalf of the Alumni Association Board of Directors and the entire Cornell community, I am honored to recognize you with the Young Alumni Achievement Award.

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