Maureen Johnson ’87 & Gail Cummings Andersen ’87, 2012 Leadership and Service Award

I’m pleased to honor the co-Class Agents for the Class of 1987, Maureen “Mo” Johnson and Gail Cummings Andersen.

Class Agents are a vital part of the relationship between Cornell and its thousands of alumni. Twice a year, you share your stories, along with those of your classmates, and you keep them connected to the Hilltop—and with each other.

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Maureen Johnson '87 and Gail Cummings Andersen '87
Maureen Johnson ’87 and Gail Andersen ’87 with Cornell President Jonathan Brand.

You write your letters far from Mount Vernon: For Gail, Portland, Oregon, where you moved after retiring from the Department of Environmental Management in Kansas City, Missouri,and for Mo, New York, or wherever your job as a tax consultant for Louis Vuitton might take you. Written with your special touch, your letters deepen alumni bonds to our alma mater through shared experiences and memories, as well as encourage classmates to support Cornell financially in order to ensure educational quality and institutional advancement.

You both have strong connections to Cornell. Gail, you are part of a legacy family that includes your father, brother, aunt, uncle, cousins and great-uncle. Mo, you were elected to the Board of Trustees in 2011.

Thank you both for your outstanding quarter century of service as class agents. The letters you write demonstrate vividly your commitment to the college and to your fellow alumni. Congratulations on your Leadership and Service Award.

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