Greenstein does field work in W. Australia

Geology Professor and Associate Dean of the College Ben Greenstein traveled to Western Australia to conduct fieldwork for two and a half weeks in June with Karl-Heinz Wyrwoll and Malcolm McCulloch (University of Western Australia), documenting field evidence for rapid and dramatic changes in global sea level that occurred approximately 125,000 years ago.

Greenstein returned to Australia for a week in July to give a presentation at the 12th International Coral Reef Symposium, which was held in Cairns, Queensland. Greenstein’s talk was the culmination of four years’ work assembling a literature-derived database of reef coral occurrences throughout the Caribbean region and provided information for marine managers interested in designating marine protected areas. One week after the conclusion of the reef meeting, Greenstein experienced an abrupt (and startling) change in professional activity by traveling to Chicago to attend the National Conference on Student Recruitment, Marketing and Retention.