Doug Hanson, 2012 Honorary Alumni Award

Doug, your teaching, art, and commitment to social justice and multiculturalism have influenced generations of Cornellians during your 41 years on the faculty. You’ve inspired many to make their communities a better place, whether that’s through making art, taking part in community service, or connecting with others. It is with deep appreciation that the Alumni Association of Cornell College recognizes your service to the college as professor of art.

Doug Hanson Honorary Alumni Award
Alumni Board President Sheila Kruse Boyce ’85 and Emeritus Professor of Art, Doug Hanson.

Since you arrived on the Hilltop in 1971 you have exemplified the very best aspects of a liberal arts education. From co-founding Potters for Peace to your longstanding commitment to having students visit the Anamosa Penitentiary, you have broadened the horizons of so many students. Since your Fulbright Teaching Fellowship in 1978-79, you’ve been committed to creating pottery that expresses and transcends history while respecting the traditions of many different cultures. You’ve taught your students traditional methods of making pottery, from Japanese to Native American. Your many trips with students to Mexico and Japan have opened the world to them in positive ways that will stick with them forever. This does more than inform—it creates graduates who understand cultural differences and similarities and who are engaged with the wider world. Your constant friendly presence on campus, often on a bike, will be greatly missed.

Doug, you are now an official member of the Cornell alumni family that includes your wife, Sue. In recognition of your teaching career at Cornell, the Alumni Association of Cornell College wishes you well in retirement and proclaims you an honorary alumnus.