Block Break trip makes the NY Times

Nine Cornell College environmental club members who went to the 34th annual Prairie Festival at the Land Institute in Kansas over block break got more than some education and fresh air—they got a mention in the New York Times.

The article quoted Ellen Pajor, a junior at Cornell and a member of the environmental club. The group went to the festival, which the article describes as an “intellectual hootenanny,” and camped at the institute.

Pajor told the reporter, “‘Being at the Land Institute instead of a conference center helps to immerse you in the topics.'”

The other thing that helped Pajor and her fellow Cornellians focus was the fact that they were on block break, the four-day weekend students get every three and a half weeks. The breaks are part of the college’s distinctive One Course At A Time schedule, where students take one course for a three and a half week “block,” then move on to a new course.