Off to an extraordinary start

Cornell’s Class of 2012 has descended the Hilltop to make its mark on the world, and we predict they will do very well. These 254 young alumni are using their personalized liberal arts education to launch fulfilling lives—and ambitious careers in every conceivable field.

In these profiles we offer a glimpse of six members of this extraordinary class.

  • Molly Sowers '12

    The scientist

    Molly Sowers ’12 discovered a love for chemistry at Cornell and is now pursuing a PhD at MIT, one of the top three programs in the country.

  • Chris Stadler '12

    The scholar

    A Cornell Fellowship in Germany helped Chris Stadler ’12 earn a Fulbright award to teach English there in 2012-13.

  • Kayla Prestel '12

    The performer

    Kayla Prestel ’12 earned a degree in theatrical entrepreneurship with an eye to a  future in theatre management. But first, she’ll explore life as an actor.

  • Lisa Chen '12

    The traveler

    Three internships and in influential course inspired Lisa Chen ’12 to begin a career in educational policy, beginning with a role as an inner-city teacher.

  • Diego Verdugo '12

    The leader

    Diego Verdugo ’12 overcame long odds to land one of three spots in Principal Financial Group’s prestigious Leadership Develop Program after graduating from Cornell.

  • Jonathan Frazier '12

    The community planner

    Jonathan Frazier’s internship with the U.S. Department of Transportation led directly to a role as a transportation planner helping protect wilderness and recreation areas prepare for climate change.

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