300 years of experience

Cornell’s professors are at the heart of the student experience, and these seven professors have mentored thousands of Cornellians. Each has taught for 40 years or more.

(Photo by Robyn Schwab ’07)

From left, they are: Truman Jordan, professor emeritus of chemistry (1966), Charles Connell, professor emeritus of German (1968), Rob Sutherland, professor of politics (1968), Craig Allin, professor of politics (1972), Addison Ault, professor emeritus of chemistry (1962), Paul Gray, professor of philosophy (1969), and Doug Hanson, professor emeritus of art (1971).

Connell, Ault, and Hanson were given emeritus status at commencement this year. Jordan retired in 2002, but has continued to teach occasionally. Diane Crowder, professor of French for 36 years, also retired this year. Ault, who celebrated his 50th anniversary teaching at Cornell, was honored with a celebration in April that included speeches by former students and colleagues.