Cornell in California

Amanda Woods ’88 was delighted to discover the corner of Cornell and College avenues near her home in Modesto, Calif., and posted this picture on Cornell’s Facebook page.

“I spent Sunday afternoon with a fellow Cornell grad (Debra Kirchner Buckles ’88) at a Habitat for Humanity fundraiser, came home to receive a call from a wonderful freshman at Cornell who successfully convinced me to increase my annual donation, and the next morning I parked under this street sign,” she reported.

“Although I have lived in this town for 21 years I had no idea it existed. I shouted in glee as I jumped out to take the picture, which embarrassed my junior high son more than kissing him goodbye at school.”

Woods and Buckles ended up staying in Modesto after spending a summer there with Beth Wallace Brickley ’88.

“Our intention was to keep Beth company for the summer of ’89,” Woods said. “We ended up meeting and marrying two wonderful California boys.”