Cabin fever brings town-gown together

There wasn’t any snow for the Cabin Fever event in February, but that didn’t stop some students from making a snowman. (Photo by Mehrdad Zarifkar ’09)

What would you do if you planned an event featuring snow angels, but there was no snow, even though it was February in Iowa?

If you’re the organizers for the first Cabin Fever event, sponsored by the Mount Vernon-Lisbon Community Development Group (CDG), you take the good weather in stride and create butcher paper angels instead.

The event was one of two planned by Cornell students in conjunction with the CDG (the first was this fall’s Pumpkin Run 5K). The two events have something in common—both were organized by sophomore Alex DiCicco. DiCicco joined the CDG last year, a relatively rare thing for a student to do. This year, he’s also the RA for the first-year Community Service Living and Learning Community. The floor requires 90 hours of volunteer service during the year, so his connection with the CDG gives the students direct access to service opportunities in the community.