Latin class presents "The Eunuch"

MOUNT VERNON – A Cornell College Latin class will present The Eunuch on the lawn in front of Allee Chapel Monday, May 25, at 4 p.m. and Tuesday, May 26, at 11:45 a.m. The play is free and open to the public.

Please note that the rain alternative site is the Black Box theatre.

Thraso (Chris Demro) tells the "Rhodian joke" to Gnatho (Andrew Showalter) while Parmeno (Phil Gallagher) listens in: "You’re very impertinent. Are you hunting for meat when you’re a hare yourself?"

The Eunuch is a Roman comedy by Terence, a playwright of the Roman Republic. The play focuses on a eunuch which is to be presented as a gift to Thais, a prostitute, by one of her lovers Phaedria. He purchases this gift in order to prevent his rival, the soldier Thraso, from winning her heart by presenting her with a beautiful slave girl, Pamphila. Not all is as it appears for this foursome.

The Eunuch contains some adult situations.

This play will be performed by the Cornell College Latin 205 class. Members of the class range from freshmen to seniors. Many of the students in the class have no previous acting experience and have many differing majors. Many aspects of this show will be done based on traditional plays in Rome. Everything from the colors of the costumes to the set and setting are based directly upon the themes established during Terence’s time.

The play is being directed by Laura Blythe and Kassi Smith. Phaedria is being played by Daniel Wallbridge, Thais is played by Erin Daly, Thraso is played by Chris Demro, Chaerea is played by Ben Thompson and Gnatho is played by Andrew Showalter who has been seen recently in the Cornell production of Cabaret.