Cornellian's article explores love for autistic brother

MOUNT VERNON – A sister’s love for her autistic brother is the narrative that drives Cornell Sophomore Brigid Rankowski’s recently published article “No Man is an Island: A Sister’s Perspective.”

rankowskicropThe article—published in Autism Advocate, an autism issues magazine—attempts to show that there’s more to being autistic than the “negative or pitying aspects of autism” through Rankowski’s own relationship with her brother, Jan. Using stories and examples from her own life, Rankowski addresses many of the issues that face the family of an autistic child.

“I have had challenges in my life, and can only hope that other students learn from some of the difficulties facing disabled students,” said Rankowski.

The article highlights some stereotypical assumptions about the disabled, the difficulties associated with living with an autistic family member, and the strong bond that develops between a sister and her brother.

“I really love my brother and even though people will always try to change him, I know he is perfect just the way he is,” said Rankowski.

The article can be found in volume 54 of Autism Advocate, a magazine produced quarterly by the Autism Society of America. The Autism Society of America was founded to “improve the lives of all affected by autism,” and offers help and advice for family members, professionals, and those with autism.