Garner quoted in Congressional Quarterly

Les Garner, Cornell College president, was quoted in the Feb. 5 Congressional Quarterly article “Debate Extends to Pell Grant’s Stimulative Merits.”

Les GarnerThe article concerned the usefulness of Pell Grant funding in the stimulus bill. Some opponents of the stimulus package have argued that Pell Grants, among other things, are an example of “non-stimulative spending.” Garner sees things differently.

“In this environment, $500 makes a big difference,” Garner was quoted as saying. The article further quoted Garner saying that many students are “at the margin” of college affordability.

“Pell grants are going to be spent right away,” added Garner, while also pointing out that fewer students able to afford college could lead to layoffs accross the board in higher education.

The article can be found online by subscription only, or in the print edition of the Feb. 5 Congressional Quarterly.