On Wednesday, January 28, as most students were relaxing, heading home, or otherwise enjoying block break, nearly 160 students were moving into the newest residence hall on campus.


While not new in the truest sense of the word, there’s very little about Pfeiffer that’s old. New rooms, new stairs, a new lounge, improved temperature control, an elevator, new laundry facilities and lounges, and even a high-tech classroom and a meeting room. The building even smells new.

scenic_pfeiffer_renovation_january_29_2009_50Lounges now come furnished with a fridge, stove, oven, and microwave, as well as storage space for dish ware. The electrical and heating/cooling systems have been completely revamped and modernized. Bathrooms have been improved, and a new RA box is in place.

But the charm of old Pfeiffer remains. The floorplan is relatively unchanged (including the spooky staircase to the “4th” floor) and the fireplace, the centerpiece of Pfeiffer Lounge, remains. Only now a flat screen television hangs over it.

Located at the center of the “tri-hall area” and overlooking the Cedar River Valley, Pfeiffer is home to approximately 160 men and women living in a variety of room configurations, including coed floors where rooms alternate men and women. Pfeiffer Hall is extremely social and houses a diverse group of students.

Pfeiffer residents take great pride in their building and in the comfortable community atmosphere that exists here. The different shapes and sizes of Pfeiffer rooms make it easy to individualize your space. The lounge is the most spacious on campus and is host to regular meetings of various student groups.

Pfeiffer was originally built in 1930 and expanded in 1971. It was a women’s residence hall until 1978, when it became coed.

Construction on Pfeiffer Hall was completed a month past schedule due to delays caused by harsh winter conditions. Students eligible to live in Pfeiffer had been living in Rood House and other locations around campus during the first semester.

To view a photo gallery of “new” Pfeiffer, click here.

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