Knoop to appear on "Money Talk" with Bob Brinker

MOUNT VERONON – Associate Professor of Economics and Business Todd Knoop will appear live on Money Talk with Bob Brinker, a nationally syndicated radio talk show, on Sunday, Nov. 9.

Knoop has been making the media rounds with regard to the current economic crisis, appearing in Business Week, The Associate Press, The Cedar Rapids Gazette,  and others.

In Iowa, the show can be heard on any of the following radio stations (check listings for times):
Burlington KCPS 1150 AM
Cedar Rapids WMT 600 AM
Davenport WOC 1420 AM
Des Moines WHO 1040 AM
Fairfield KMCD 1570 AM
Sioux City KMNS 620 AM
Sioux City KSCJ 1360 AM

For a list of other stations on which the show can be heard, click here.

Knoop is Associate Professor of Economics and Business, has interests in macroeconomic policy, monetary policy, tax reform issues, and international finance.  His courses include Money and Banking, Economics of Recessions and Depressions, and Econometrics. He is the author of the 2004 book Recessions and Depressions: Understanding Business Cycles, and has published articles inCanadian Journal of Economics, Economic Inquiry, and Southern Economic Journal. He holds a doctorate from Purdue University.