Knoop cited in financial crisis story

Associate Professor of Economics and Business Todd Knoop was quoted extensively in a Cedar Rapids Gazette article on the financial crisis and bailout plan today.

“The costs of doing nothing are very significant,” said Knoop.

He went on to add, “Like it or not, government has a role in protecting the financial stability of an economy. The sooner that governments bite the bullet, take their medicine and bail out financial systems, the quicker you can get beyond this and get back to growth.”

Knoop was also recently cited in Business Week on a similar topic.

Knoop is Associate Professor of Economics and Business, has interests in macroeconomic policy, monetary policy, tax reform issues, and international finance.  His courses include Money and Banking, Economics of Recessions and Depressions, and Econometrics. He is the author of the 2004 book Recessions and Depressions: Understanding Business Cycles, and has published articles in Canadian Journal of Economics, Economic Inquiry, and Southern Economic Journal. He holds a doctorate from Purdue University.