Jason Kolowski ’98, 2008 Young Alumni Achievement Award

Jason Kolowski, class of 1998, you have been chosen by the Alumni Association Board of Directors to receive the Young Alumni Achievement Award.

Jason Kolowski '98
Jason Kolowski ’98 and Cornell President Les Garner.

You are a leader in DNA evidence examination for violent crimes in New York City, helping to keep the city safe from its worst criminals. You were the first investigator ever in New York City to identify and secure the extradition of a “John Doe” criminal, and just eight months ago it was your testimony that convicted a criminal responsible for a series of reprehensible attacks.

Even more telling was your work following 9/11. It was your job to aid in collecting the DNA evidence that would identify victims of the attack, giving closure to their loved ones. To this day your office is still responsible for identifying victims of that terrible tragedy. And through all of this you’ve stayed close to Cornell, returning to the Hilltop multiple times to share your post-9/11 experiences with students and to serve as a guest lecturer in forensics.

Jason, your ongoing service to Cornell and your outstanding career exemplify the highest ideals of a liberal arts education. On behalf of the Alumni Association Board of Directors and the entire Cornell community, I am honored to recognize you as an established leader with great promise among Cornell College’s young alumni.

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