Garner interviewed in Greentree Gazette

President Les Garner was interviewed recently by The Greentree Gazette in a series of “A Gazette Minute” interviews.

President Les GarnerAmong the highlights of the interview was Garner’s take on the advantages of Cornell’s unique calendar:

“We have the opportunity to create truly unique learning opportunities for a wide variety of students, both on and off campus. For example, we can teach ocean geology and biology in the Bahamas, and we do.  We use our calendar and its competitive advantage when we’re recruiting in and out of Iowa.  It’s a great point of distinction. As a bonus, it adds luster to cornell college in the eyes of high achievers, self-starters and people who flourish in collaborative learning environments,” said Garner.

The Greentree Gazette is a business magazine focused on higher education.

The first of the three-part interview, which covers the basics of what defines Cornell – from One-Course-at-a-Time to the close working relationship of faculty and students – can be read in full here.

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