Leo Beranek featured in "Wall Street Journal"

Leo Beranek ’36, is featured in a Wall Street Journal article which reviews his latest book, Riding the Waves.

Leo BeranekThe review by Robert Crease offers a glowing portrayal of both the work and the life of Beranek, who was the subject of a recent Cornell Report profile (Spring 2008).

The review and the book cover Beranek’s life from childhood – when he picked up his first radio receiver and eventually put himself through Cornell College during the depression – to his rise to the top of the acoustics world.

‘ “Riding the Waves” leaves us wondering which story is the more remarkable – that of the development of electroacoustic technology, or of the person who rose to meet its challenges,’ writes Crease.

Said Beranek of his life and work in the Cornell Report, “In some ways what also shaped my life were opportunities. When opportunities looked good, I went in that direction.”

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