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Eight courses heading off campus

Dozens of students in eight different courses will spend Block 6 off campus, going as far afield as the Bahamas, Belize, Rome, and New Zealand.


Welcome Reception and Dinner for Aoyama Gakuin Women’s Junior College

Cornell College will welcome five female students and two faculty members from Aoyama Gakuin Women’s Junior College (Tokyo, Japan) with a welcome dinner and reception Feb. 24.


Religion professor emeritus Charles Vernoff dies

Charles Vernoff, who taught religion at Cornell College from 1978 until 2006, died March 11 at his home in West Hollywood, Calif. He was 71. Vernoff was named emeritus professor of religion at his retirement.


HAIG Lecture: “Supernal and Secret: Jewish Mysticism and the Humanities” by Steven Sacks

Steven Sacks, assistant professor of religion, will give a lecture titled “Supernal and Secret: Jewish Mysticism and the Humanities.” The scholastic tradition of rabbinic Judaism assumes a great deal of knowledge from its readers, presenting great obstacles to simple explanations and easy understandings.


HAIG Lecture

Michelle Herder, assistant professor of history, will give a lecture on April 14th titled “Serving in the Cloister: Work and Discipline in Late Medieval Monasteries.”


Amina Wadud talks about Islamic feminism

Amina Wadud, a professor and Islamic feminist scholar, gave the Small-Thomas lecture on April 22. She spoke about the relationship between Islam and gender.


Feminist scholar to speak about Islam and gender

Amina Wadud, a professor and Islamic feminist scholar, will speak about Islam and gender on April 22 as part of the Small-Thomas Lecture series at Cornell College.


Religion course travels to Laos

During January 2010, religion professor Steven Sacks led a group of students to Southeast Asia for the course Religions of Laos.  The course focused on firsthand observations of religious and cultural practices,  coupled with interviews, homestays, and other direct interactions with local people.


Islamic studies drew Ogren-Gunderson to Cornell

A course studying Islam in Morocco drew Alida Ogren-Gunderson to Cornell, and the trip proved to be everything she’d hoped for. She’s also found plenty of other opportunities to feed her passion for Islamic studies, including three months of intensive Arabic study on campus and in Egypt during her final semester.


Off-campus course explores religions of Mongolia

In the spring of 2008, a group of Cornellians journeyed to Mongolia for a block-long immersion into the religion and culture of the area.


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