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Tag: ethnic studies

Kiflemariam studies and advocates for voting rights

Ariam Kiflemariam has found outlets for her interest in voting rights through internships, class projects, and a prestigious summer research opportunity at Duke University.


Kiflemariam named Ralph Bunche Summer Scholar

Ariam Kiflemariam, who is double-majoring in politics and ethnic studies, is one of 12 students who participated in the prestigious Ralph Bunche Summer Institute at Duke University this summer.


Peacemaking After Deadly Conflict

David Zarembka will be presenting Peacemaking After Deadly Conflict at Zamora’s Market Friday, Oct. 25 at 5:30 p.m. He has 49 years of involvement in the Great Lakes region as he first worked in the area in 1964 when he taught Rwandan refugees in now Tanzania. Since 1998, he has been the coordinator of the African Great Lakes Initiative of the Friends Peace Teams, a Quaker organization that promotes peacemaking activities with local groups in the region.


Harris begins education reform career with TFA

Ariel Harris ’13 hopes to one day found a school for inner city girls. First step: a two-year stint with Teach For America in Houston.


“You Mean There’s Race in My Movies? A Critical Analysis of Race in Mainstream Movies”

Fredrick Gooding Jr., founder of The Minority Reporter website, asserts that mainstream movies can have a strong cultural impact, particularly regarding the perpetuation of racial imagery and how Americans relate around notions of race.


Solak finds multiple creative writing and volunteer outlets

English and Ethnic Studies major Claire Solak explains why she’s so glad she chose Cornell.


Watt combines anthropology adventures with music outreach

The flexibility of OCAAT gave student Ian Watt the chance to found OCTAVE Living and Learning Community, which gives free music lessons to children in need, while still excelling academically.


“Asian-ness” in Iowa: A Conversation about Identity

A facilitated discussion on the issue of identity (dismantling stereotypes and myths, assimilation, straddling both fences, etc.).


AbUSed: The Postville Raid

On Feb 9th, director of “The Silence of Neto,” Luis Argueta, will show and discuss his documentary film “abUSed – The Postville Raid” which tells the story of the most aggressive and largest Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids in the history of the United States.


See-yin So explores forensic pathology through research internships

Eager to explore her interest in forensic pathology, See-yin So found the perfect outlet:  a summer internship in New York City’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner sponsored by the Dimensions program. She earned a Cornell Fellowship the following summer to conduct biotech research in Baltimore, and she hopes to enter medical school after graduating […]


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