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Tag: environmental studies

Herb Hendriks ’40, 1918-2014

Herbert E. Hendriks ’40, emeritus professor of geology, died March 11 in Cedar Rapids. He was 96.


Eagle Week: Conservation presentations

The Eagle Week conservation presentations kick off at 11 a.m. on Feb. 19 with an informal presentation from Environmental Club’s Biodiversity working group. There will be a screening of “The Condor’s Shadow” at 4 p.m. on Feb. 20. The week’s event will conclude Feb. 21 with presentations from Saving Our Avian Resources, who will be […]


McBride raptor project

Environmental Club’s Biodiversity and Conservation group will be bringing McBride Raptor Project to Cornell, Nov. 6, 11:10 a.m.


Frazier applies transportation planning to wilderness areas

When national park and forest managers face transportation issues, they call community planners like Jonathan Frazier ’12 at the Volpe National Transportation Systems Center in Cambridge, Mass.


Ian Cheney: “Farming the City”

What is the role of urban agriculture in a 21st century sustainable food system? Are urban farms gimmicks, distractions, or key ingredients in a better agriculture? On Nov 9th, with slides and clips from his films and travels, filmmaker and environmental advocate Ian Cheney explores the wild world of urban farming, blending humor and whimsy […]


Geology professor gets $98,000 NSF grant

Rhawn Denniston, associate professor of geology, has been awarded a $98,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to study pre-historical hurricane activity in tropical northern Australia. This research continues Denniston’s work on stalagmites and involves field work in caves in the remote Kimberley region of Australia, as well as laboratory work at the University of New […]


Author speaking as part of One Book events

Cornell College’s annual “One Book, One Campus, One Community” program is expanding to include a panel on food policy, a screening of the movie “King Corn” and a visit from an alum involved in urban farming.


SIG Lecture

On Nov 9th, Dr. Karl-Heinz Wyrwoll, visiting presidential fellow, will present a lecture on “The Paleoclimatic Evolution of the Monsoon Environment of Northern Australia: From Plate Tectonics to Aboriginal Vegetation Burning.” The seminar will outline the controls of the northern Australian summer monsoon at time scales ranging from those of plate tectonics to the likely […]


Glenn Freeman chosen as artist-in-residence

Professor Glenn Freeman (English) will be an artist in residence this year at two national parks this summer: Rocky Mountain National Park and Isle Royal National park.


Environmental activist and former VP candidate to speak at Feminist Symposium

Winona LaDuke, a Native American environmental activist and two-time Vice-presidential candidate for the Green Party, will give the keynote speech at Cornell College’s annual Feminist Symposium on Saturday, March 13.


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