Global Zero nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Global Zero, an initiative dedicated to the elimination of all nuclear weapons worldwide, has been nominated for the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize. Many Cornell graduates work and intern for Global Zero, including Derek Johnson ’04, who is the executive director.

Derek Johnson ’04
Derek Johnson ’04 (center)

“We’re more likely than any other generation since 1945 to witness the catastrophic use of nuclear weapons. That’s horrifying, but it’s also thrilling in a way to work on an issue of this scale,” Johnson said. “Just think about what it would mean for us as a species: that we could invent the most devastating weapons the world has ever known—weapons that can wipe out not just their targets but all of human civilization—and less than 100 years later, we could get rid of them, decide we’re better than that. Playing even a small part in that evolution is the stuff you tell your grandkids one day.

“We’re really honored to be in the running alongside so many worthy individuals and organizations. I think it’s true that the arc of human history bends toward justice, but not inevitably. It takes hard work, resilience, courage, and most of all, a relentlessly optimistic view of people and the future—all things you learn at Cornell.”

There are currently 318 nominees for the 2017 Peace Prize, the second highest in history. Of those, approximately 103 are organizations and 215 are individuals. Nobel Laureates will be selected and notified in October and will receive the prize in December.

The Nobel Peace Prize Watch included Global Zero on its short list of 32 nominations.