TEDx talks have lasting impact on Cornell College

More than a month after the inaugural TEDxCornellCollege event, the messages live on as students who organized the event think back on the talks.

“As a student organizing a TEDx event, I had the potential to set up an environment where lifelong connections could be made, graduate research ideas could be inspired, and missing puzzle pieces for success could be found,” said Garrett Ginell ’18.

Six speakers shared insights, which included “How to Get a Meeting with Anyone” by entrepreneur David Simnick, “Smiling Through the Pain” by Cornell College’s Aubrey Kohl ’17, “Molecular Movies with X-ray Lasers” by Biophysicist Eaton Lattman, “How to Coach a National Champion” by Cornell College Cross Country and Track Coach Dan Schoefer, “What will be on your Playlist” by music educator Charles Staley, and “The Coming Epidemic of Neurodegenerative Diseases” by Bioengineer Gregory Petsko.  

The event on March 19 inspired new ideas and creative thinking by faculty, staff and students. Many worked together on the leadership team to organize the event including:

Garrett Ginell ’18 – Organizer & curator

Ellen Larson ’16 – Event manager & volunteer coordinator

Leigh Gustafson ’16- Communications manager

Laura Machado ’17 – Designer

Zach Stoll ’18 – Editor

Nora Mckenzie ’16 – Host

Peter Catchings ’16 – Host

“My mission was to create an environment where provocative ideas are shared, inspiring new solutions and ideas, and resulting in people understanding each other and the world in which they live,” Ginell said.

The playlist of six videos from the TEDxCornellCollege event can all be found on YouTube

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