Teen Vogue calls Cornell College “6 Non-Traditional Colleges That Just Might Be Your Perfect Fit”

Teen Vogue‘s website posted an article Tuesday naming Cornell College as one of six non-traditional colleges that readers might be interested in. The article focuses on Cornell’s distinctive One Course At A Time curriculum and the advantages it offers.

The article describes Cornell:

“Cornell College
Unlike that other Cornell in upstate New York, Cornell College is notable for both its Iowa hilltop campus and its “One Course at a Time” curriculum. That’s right, instead of requiring four or five classes a semester, Cornell breaks up the academic year into eight three-and-a-half week terms. In practice, this can mean anything from really immersing yourself in bio lab (without having to rush off to your next class!) to field tripping to a museum for an art history lecture to jetting off to Spain for an intensive language course. Advocates of the curriculum argue that when you take several classes at a time, some are going to feel more high-priority causing others to fall by the wayside, and that with just one class on your plate, it’s easier to really focus. It can make for an extreme schedule for sure (thank goodness for the four-day breaks between blocks), though arguably it’s more similar to the pace of real life than the standard undergrad model.”

That description lines up very well with the way Cornell talks about itself—the One Course At A Time curriculum enables a number of amazing experiences for students, including internships, off-campus study, and independent research.

This isn’t the first time a publication that doesn’t usually focus on higher education has recognized Cornell’s distinctiveness. In July 2011 the Huffington Post said Cornell was one of the 13 most interesting colleges in the nation.