Letters Fall 2013

Thank you to a “star” Cornellian

Ethan Marquith
Ethan Marquith with his souvenirs from David Hillmers ’72

Our heartfelt thank you goes out to David Hilmers ’72, who was gracious enough to respond to my request for a photo for my son, Ethan. I remember first hearing about Dr. Hilmers when I was still a student and thought how amazing it was that we had an alumnus who was an astronaut. My 4-year-old son loves space and our favorite spot is the National Air and Space Museum, which now houses the Discovery Space Shuttle. After reading the Cornell Report article about Dr. Hilmers, I contacted the college about possibly reaching out to him for an autographed picture for my son to complete his Discovery experience.

Dr. Hilmers was so kind and sent me an e-mail the very next morning. He wrote a very sweet note to Ethan and also sent his crew patch along with another photo to our family acknowledging my husband’s service in the military as he is currently deployed to Afghanistan. I am so impressed by his story and what he has done with his life and giving back to help others. I couldn’t think of a better role model for my son.

Jodi Enger Marquith ’91
Ashburn, Va.

Facebook feedback

On the opening of Zamora’s Market:
Dana Dahl Touzelet ’81:
My goodness The Commons has really changed since I was a student from 1977–1981! Everything looks great, though … plus, I’m thinking today’s students wouldn’t tolerate what we either thought nothing of or thought was great!

On a photo of students dining in Pfeiffer Hall:
Robert O. Romanski ’62:
Having worked as a waiter in that era this photo brings back vivid memories and provides a window for viewing the collectively shared spirit existing then.

On a post about new students arriving:
Heather Corson Reed ’96:
I remember the day well … and it was 20 years ago this summer that I moved about twice as much stuff as I needed into Bowman-Carter!