Student wins award for sociology paper

Junior Liane Olson presented her paper, “Exploring the Relationship between Environmental Concern and Behavior in America,” at the annual meetings of the Iowa Sociological Association April 20 in Des Moines.¬†Olson received the Steve Wieting Award for best paper integrating theory and research, one of only four awards offered each year. She began her project in her sociology research methods course and plans to continue the research during her senior year and while in Chicago with the ACM Urban Studies Program.

Liane Olson and University of Iowa Sociology Professor Steve Weiting '
Liane Olson and University of Iowa Sociology Professor Steve Wieting ‘

The Iowa Sociological Association is unique in that it is an undergraduate-focused academic association with an annual meeting where undergraduates present their research. Student participants come from community colleges, private colleges, and public universities across Iowa. Awards are offered for best first year/sophomore paper, junior/senior paper, criminology paper, and paper that integrates theory and research.

Historically, Cornell has had a strong showing at the Iowa Sociological Association meetings, including past winners Annie Schneider ’11, Orlaith Heymann ’11, and Eva Fisk ’12.