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Ken Morris earns Diversity Focus fellowship

March 27, 2013

Ken Morris, director of Intercultural Life at Cornell College, will be one of the inaugural Diversity Focus Fellows.

Ken Morris, Director of Intercultural Life.

Ken Morris, Director of Intercultural Life.

Morris, who has worked at Cornell since January 2006, will run a community website and blog about the African-American community in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City corridor.

The announcement from Diversity Focus highlighted Morris’ excitement about the new project.

“Morris, Fellow for the African American community and Director of Intercultural Life at Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, IA, is excited to be working with Diversity Focus. ‘Having lived here in Iowa for six years now, I want to gain a better rapport with the community. There are some amazing people that live here and I am looking forward to giving individuals a voice that can be shared with the larger community.'”

The organization also has a profile of Morris online.

For more information, please contact Cornell's Director of Media Relations