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Corridor Business Journal writes about Cornell College’s strategic plan

March 19, 2013

The Corridor Business Journal published an interview with Cornell College President Jonathan Brand about the future of the college and the ongoing strategic planning process.

Jonathan Brand

Jonathan Brand

The article covers Cornell’s strategic planning process and Brand’s plan to re-imagine the way the liberal arts are taught at the college. Brand talked about the way learning goes beyond the classroom and now includes residence life and co-curricular activities, as well as the value that a liberal arts education provides. He also spoke about the way Cornell trains its students to make a real difference in the world.

“If you’re only trained for a particular vocation, then you’re prepared to exist in the world as it is, but you’re not prepared to change the world,” Mr. Brand said. “I think that’s a pretty powerful case for the liberal arts.”

For more information, please contact Cornell's Director of Media Relations