Lane Zahourek, Glen Elder, Kansas

Lane Zahourek
Lane Zahourek

Areas of study

Majors in Economics/Business and Kinesiology

Campus activities

Football, Lacrosse, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Student Athletics Advisory Council (SAAC), Colleges Against Cancer, Lunch Buddies

Transferred from

Southeast Community College in Lincoln, Neb.

Why did you decide to transfer? Why did you choose Cornell College?

I wanted to get a four-year degree. The academic prestige is why I was considering Cornell, and after coming on a visit I knew it’s where I belonged. I was looking to play football, and after meeting the coaches, I knew they were the kind of people that would push me to be my best on the field, in the classroom, and most importantly in life. After being here a year, I have realized that this is how the entire campus is—success is contagious at Cornell College.

What has your transition to Cornell been like academically? Socially?

My transition to Cornell was very smooth. The college worked well with me on transferring my previous credits. The One Course At A Time schedule was an easy transition, and looking back I have no idea how or why I took a year of semester classes.

Being part of a family of football players really helped my transition socially, especially after attending a college where everyone shows up for class and then goes back home and there is not much to be involved in. The class sizes at Cornell are capped at 25 and are discussion-based and interactive, which allows you to get to know your classmates. The campus is very open and friendly and I can proudly claim to know 50 percent of the student body, which is unheard of at most institutions.

What would you say to a student considering a transfer to Cornell?

Cornell is so unique in the fact that we are such a diverse college in Iowa with students representing 48 different states and 15 countries. There are over 100 clubs and organizations along with 19 varsity sports, so there are so many different opportunities to be involved in something outside of the classroom.