Professor featured on History Channel

Santhi Hejeebu, associate professor of business and economics, was featured in a History Channel program titled “Mankind: The Story of All of Us.”

Santhi Hejeebu

The 12-hour series, which airs beginning Nov. 13, is billed as “the first television series in a generation to tackle the history of the human race through the ages.”

Hejeebu will appear in episodes six and eight and will address specific moments in economic history: Venetian banking during the Renaissance, the financial crisis in 17th century Holland, the 16th century discovery of silver in the New World, and architectural achievement in Mughal India.

You can watch the latest episodes online or buy them on iTunes. Hejeebu appeared in episode six, which aired Dec. 4, and episode eight, which will air Dec. 11. The complete schedule is here.

Additionally Hejeebu’s article, “Job Design in the Presence of Career Concerns” has just been published by the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy. Coordinated with the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern, it is a top journal in the field of strategic management.