Diane Crowder, 2012 Honorary Alumni Award

Diane, your career has changed the lives of hundreds of Cornell alumni. Your work in the French department and women’s studies program, your scholarship, your advocacy, and your leadership exemplify the very best Cornell faculty have to offer both in the classroom and on the campus at large. It is with deep appreciation that the Alumni Association of Cornell College recognizes your 35 years of service to the college as a professor of French.

You have tirelessly worked to make Cornell an open and inclusive school. Your work has helped the women’s studies program you co-founded in 1984 thrive, and your advocacy of LGBTQ causes has helped to create an accepting environment for all students, faculty, and staff, regardless of sexual orientation. And since the beginning of your time on campus in 1977 you’ve had the courage to stand up for what you believed and speak out against discrimination of all kinds. In 2000 you were named the Richard and Norma Small Senior Faculty Chair, the first woman to earn that honor. It recognized your many contributions to the life of Cornell.

Diane, we welcome you to the Cornell alumni family, and we wish you and Margaret many years of happy retirement. In recognition of your teaching career at Cornell, the Alumni Association of Cornell College proclaims you an honorary alumna.