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Geology majors earn summer research placements

March 30, 2012

This summer several geology majors will be participating in prestigious off-campus research and outreach experiences.

  • Junior Mike Barthelmes will study the tectonic history of coastal California as part of National Science Foundation/Keck Consortium-funded research overseen by geology Professor Emily Walsh.
  • Senior Ellen Shank will conduct a second NSF summer research fellowship in planetary geology with Dr. Rachel Klima at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics lab.
  • Senior Andrew Roers will be continuing to apply GIS to land use and flooding issues as part of a state-funded project.
  • Sophomores Angelique Gonzalez and Ni An will conduct research at the University of New Mexico as part of geology Professor Rhawn Denniston’s NSF-funded research into the past activity of Australian cyclones, and junior Amanda Houts will be collaborating with Denniston and Jonathon Haws, a University of Louisville archeologist, on a climate change project in Portugal.
  • Junior Dan Pawlak will take part in a¬†GeoCorps summer internship through the Geological Society of America at Oregon Caves National Monument, where he’ll interact with visitors and conduct research.

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