Robert Pierce ’75, 2010 Leadership and Service Award

The work of our class agent network is invaluable to the mission of this college. Twice yearly, class agents connect fellow alumni to The Hilltop by sharing news from campus and classmates.  Written with each class agent’s special touch, these letters deepen alumni bonds to our alma mater through shared experiences and memories, as well as encourage classmates to support Cornell financially in order to ensure educations quality and institutional advancement.

Robert Pierce '75
Robert Pierce ’75 (right) and Cornell Interim President Jim Brown.

Today we recognize Robert Pierce, Class of ’75, class agent for 25 years, with a Leadership and Service Award. In 1986, Bob assumed class agent duties when his classmate and class agent Sharon Goodwin Fogleman ventured to Africa to work at a mission hospital.  Since Sharon’s return, the two have shared Class Agent duties. Bob works as a manufacturer’s representative for the Lehman Company in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, and lives with his wife, Cheryl Vassau, in Antioch, Illinois.

Thank you, Bob, for your quarter century of service as class agent. The letters you demonstrate vividly your commitment to the college and to your fellow alumni.  Congratulations on your Leadership and Service Award.