Lora Baltes, 2010 Honorary Alumni Award

Lora Baltes, the Cornell College Alumni Association today honors you for your dedicated service to our alma mater.

Lora Baltes
Lora Baltes (right) and Alumni Board President Allan Ruter.

Your 25 years of service in the Office of College Communications and the Office of Alumni and College Advancement have been marked by your willingness to go above and beyond your professional duties. Your work with donors helps make clear to them the importance of their gifts to the college, and the thank you letters you collect from students who receive endowed scholarships document the impact of donors on the lives and education of our students.

Your efforts extend beyond the office: you have volunteered your time as both the advisor of the Phi Lambda Xi sorority and the official scorer for home volleyball games.

We now welcome you officially into the Cornell alumni family. Lora, for your quarter century of dedication, the Cornell College Alumni Association confers upon you the status of honorary alumna.