James W. Brown, 2010 Honorary Alumni Award

James W. Brown, the Cornell College Alumni Association today honors you for your dedicated service to our alma mater.

James W. Brown
James W. Brown (right) and Alumni Board President Allan Ruter.

During your 20 years at Cornell, you have worked in many positions across the college. From professor of psychology to associate dean to special assistant to the president and now interim president, you have crafted a legacy of cooperation, collegiality and collaboration across departments and divisions.

That spirit of collaboration made you instrumental in the creation of many of the academic programs Cornell now offers. Your time-tested ability to solve problems by bringing the right minds together is an enormous asset to the college. Your aptitude and appetite for leadership have loomed large in the college’s impressive institutional march of recent years.

We now welcome you officially into the Cornell alumni family. Jim, for your two decades of steadfast dedication, the Cornell College Alumni Association confers upon you the status of honorary alumnus.