Denise Hanna-Bennett, 2010 Honorary Alumni Award

Denise Hanna-Bennett, the Cornell College Alumni Association today honors you for your dedicated service to our alma mater.

Denise Hanna-Bennett
Denise Hanna-Bennett (right) and Alumni Board President Allan Ruter.

The 25 years you have worked at Cornell in various offices from business to alumni and college advancement have demonstrated that you are a person who can solve complex problems gracefully. Your skilled oversight of the college’s gifts database supports the work of every department on campus.

Your commitment to the college and to its mission is unwavering and your experience is invaluable. Your work on the recent database conversion is just your latest contribution to the smooth operation of your administrative division—and, in fact, the college as a whole.

We now welcome you officially into the Cornell alumni family. Denise, for your quarter century of steadfast dedication, the Cornell College Alumni Association confers upon you the status of honorary alumna.