Spanish students explore Bolivia

In 2008, two Cornell courses traveled to Bolivia for nine weeks, and in 2004 students spent an entire semester in Bolivia and neighboring countries. During the trips, students hone their Spanish skills while immersed in Bolivian culture, including homestays, internships at local schools and daycares, and visits to several important cities and sites.

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Bolivia Highlights

Cornell students who traveled to Bolivia in the spring of 2008 noted the following highlights:

  • Living with a Bolivian family
  • Participating in carnaval water fights and watching the carnaval parade
  • Shopping
  • Eating Bolivian food
  • Visits to Sucre (the historical & judicial capital), La Paz (the political capital), Potosí, Cuzco, and Machu Picchu
  • Attending a folkloric dance presentation
  • Paddle-boating at the dam and picnicking at the Corani Lake
  • Visits to nearby colonial towns
  • A visit to Inca ruins at Inkallajta
  • A visit to a mine in Potosí
  • Farewell banquet for the homestay families at a convention center with a beautiful swimming pool
  • Internship experiences at a bi-lingual school and several day-care centers
  • Being far away from Iowa’s terrible winter of 2008!